Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Mmmmm ~ Honey Buns! =]

Hi all,
I guess this is my first post here! I hope this'll be the beginning of a great journey. =]

Well, I ventured in to the world of baking a few months ago. I wouldn't have had the confidence, if it wasn't for the support from my wonderful husband. <3

I started out with a Victorian Sponge cake; Devil's Food cake, and other simple layered cakes. Next came cookies, and then I finally braved and embarked upon the bumpy road of bread making. =) My first success (there were two failed attempts with wholemeal loafs =p) was with the 'Basic White Bread' recipe from I decided to try it out as all the comments were so positive, and seemed to mainly be from novice bread bakers with no experience like myself, and voila... it turned out quite nicely! After that I made several variations of mini wholemeal loafs from one of my recipe books (each time I made it, it seemed to turn out even better =]). And now... I've attempted these honey buns, from a recipe that I borrowed from Happy Home Baker.

The dough was quite sticky, so I was tempted to add more flour as I kneaded, but I'm glad I didn't, as they came out better than I expected! Thank you very much, HHB! =] They didn't look as neat as HHB's, but I must say... they smelled and tasted de-lish (even if I do say so myself =p)! The taste was just perfection when they were still warm from the oven, and even now as I am having them for breakfast with a cup of sweet milky tea.

As I was about to start the process, I was feeling daunted by the thought of my 11 week old son being fussy and crying in his bouncer, as I suspected this recipe would require more kneading than our usual every day wholemeal loaf, but he was being such a cute little guy... gurgling, smiling and cooing at me as I kneaded, and then eventually falling asleep, hehe. You really do have to treasure every moment with children, as they do grow up so fast.

But, on a final note...bread making can be quite addictive! =p